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By Arleth Becerra Ruiz

In the past I usually read. I liked adventure and romantic story. But I had become very lazy and idle because I don’t read much and when I do it, only read the texts what the teacher sends by the web, and some book related to my carrer or news.

I am sure that this habit is bad, but is difficult for me to change it because of the T.V and the Internet. They have a lot of influence on me. I think that this situation is not good because when you read you can learn, we can also know what happens in the world and some other different things that can help us in the future.

When I read, I prefer non fiction books because the history, events, places and people in the book are real. I like the self help books because they help me in problems, relations and the difficulties of everyday life. A month ago I started reading a book that my mother recommended me, its name is Possitive attitude. This book was written by a Colombian writer named Jorge Duque Linares. I like it a lot because in some moments I have a negative and pesimistic attitude.

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HOW TO ACT: Some advices in case of emergency.

By: Arleth Becerra Ruiz

Usually we think that our families or friends could never be involved in situations of emergency because we thought that we are living in safety places. Everyday we listen on mass media news about a flood, a storm, a hurricane and landslide. But, What would happen if in this moment a tsunami happens in Barranquilla? Would we know that do in such a big emergency situation? How would we attend the needs of our families? Would we know where to go? In the next paragraphs I’m going to explain what we can do to preserve our lives when an emergency takes place.

Before emergency happens the best we can do is to prepare ourselves with a good plan because this will help us to minimize its effects. First, an emergency plan has to contain a coordinator because these person has enough knowledge and he or she would help us to react positively. Second, is important to have a kit with things that people might needs once the emergency occured. This kit should contain bottled water, batteries, matches, non- perishable food, flashlights, first- aid- kit etc, radio, cell phone etc. I advise you to have these things in your personal kit; they can be very helpful in the treatment of small wounds, and in the cases when communication and information (radio and cell phone) can be considered a need.

During anemergency the most important is to calm down and don’t worry because you can distress your family, neighbors or friends. Whatever happens the best you can do is to react positively because it can make a good impression to others and avoid the panic. In these situations its better to be together for sharing experiences, fear and above all to learn mutually. In cases of evident emergency, we must be united, be solidary and colaborate in order to avoid the fear of others around us.

If we don`t have enough information, we have to look for help or to take refuge in specific places that often the government prepares to help the harmed. In this places the people can help a lot because they can offer food, clothes, comforter and medicine. If your relatives have any health problems or desease, in those refuges they would find doctors and first-aiders ready to act and save lives. These people could help to attend our needs until the danger has gone and we can finally return home safetly.

Finally, it is necessary to think about the importance of having an emergency plan to know that to do during and after a disaster. Making a plan is not difficult because only requires preparation. When you make an emergency plan, it must be written in a very clear way and then, be spread between the family or community, so they can be informed and rerady to know haw to act when the emergency is happening. Some government institutions can help us to prepare a great plan according to the caracteristics of uor city or town. We can organize a committee in charge of the activities to do after the emergency as the localization of vulnerable places and the best places to set shelter.

“I thing that Life is so beautiful and there is so many things to do. We can’t lose it because we haven’t done an emergency plan”

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I chose this website because it was one of the most cleared and has the better description in different type of natural disaster. When you read this website you can discuss and be aware of the effects of the natural disasters.

Unit 7

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I think this website indicates how to choose a special book. Is interesting because recommend the best book, DVD, magazines and music. When you read this site you can get specific details and you can buy this book for internet. I think that this website is important because to permit compare tastes in book and we can discuss our preferences.

Unit 8

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I chose this website because have the history of famous inventions and you can thing or consider what is the most important invention in the world. I like this website because to identify the new technological and their effects in the future.

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I chose this website because it was one of the most cleared, has the better controversial issues and you can learn and know new things. I like because this website to classify controversial issues in categories.

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