Bernal David

Composition 1

Use this space to place your writing piece about "reading and me."


Reading is activity where the people take the information from the books and this activity can be use to distraction because exist different class of reading.

I read sometimes because I need study whit the books and they have the solution of my problems…when I have free time I read comics or magazine because is a good way to lost time, sometimes I don’t enjoy this activity but I know that is the best to win new words, improve spelling and explain more easily mi thinking’s and if the people don’t enjoy and make this activity I recommend to do for this reason because if they wait more for them, need improve in his communication.

In my opinion when you read you are winning information and let your imagination can be exploit, be cause sometimes the reading need create the situation in her mind, and is a good way to exercise the mind… that I think is best you can do for yourself.

Composition 2

This writing composition is the core of your writing portfolio. You must show improvement as you go through the process of editing it while adding, changing or deleting things in it.


Today, many people at the moment to choose a book for reading on their free time find the difficulty that can’t indentify a good or bad reading, sometimes making a wrong choice and usually this is the reason why everyday more people lost reading habits.

In many cases, readers are driving for his pulse to buy and the recommendations, and it isn’t a assurance that the book meets consumer expectations, Because that It's not all and exist several important aspects and necessaries at the moment to choose a booK. Experts in the topic consider relevant at the moment to do the choice, don’t forget some factors as the author of the book, the genre it belongs and what could fill the expectations of consumers.

At the time of the election don’t forget you are who spend time in reading, so it must strive to find a book that will generate interest and to allow this to grow as it enters the reading.

At moment to decide read a book, you have to considerate very important factors as the author of the book, seek different reviews, it can help to know the best books in the marker, listen different opinions and before to start the reading skim through a books. Also, try to go at libraries stores and try to check the best seller list, because sometimes it can help to know which are the books that people frequently read.

Buying a book is an investment, which will be good or bad depending on the benefit that you will get to the book, before deciding to buying a book or start a reading, take your time in the selection if you wait the book meets your expectations.

Web Links

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  1. What relation is there between the link and the theme of the unit?
  2. What do you find important to learn about the content of the page selected?
  3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?

Unit 6


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In this page the people can find various disasters, and identify what can do it in case of emergency. This page is very educational and sure can help the partner’s whit the theme of the unit 6.

Unit 7


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this page show the people the best books so far also they and can find the more interesting authors whit all his writings, the page show to the readers the information they can find in the different books of the more famous writers.

Unit 8


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This page shows the state of the art in different topics, and can be use for the class to create discussion about the use of the new technology

Unit 9


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This is a page where the partners and the teacher can see the reason of the importance to the controversial issues topics, this page show as the students can use different strategies to confront the controversial issues

Unit 10

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