Caceres Diana

Composition 1

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The reading is a situation when I find me in the text, because in the reading you can read for yourself.

When you are reading anything you are receiving a lot of information or date, you don’t know if this information is true or false, you only receive it.

I prefer to read the magazine because in it is the entertainment information. But when I want to read a book usually I buy self-help books.

In my school I read someone books. It was “Cien años de soledad” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “El Caballero de la armadura oxidada”, “Violeta”, “Traveling to London” and other books that right now I really don’t remember.

I don’t read a lot but I like to read sometimes.

Composition 2

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How do you buy a good laptop?

1. Introduction: Explain the general use of technology and mention the laptop.

In the actual world the people need the use of the technology to help them
to do different activities. A big invent was the laptop it allows the same uses
than the Desktop computers, but the laptop can be move over different
places easily and really it isn’t heavy, also they have different kind of designs
and accessories.

2. I suggest a first step to choose a good laptop, needs and Budget.

When the people need a laptop computer they need to think: first of all,
what they need in a computer, and make a list of needs, this list would
decide the type of laptop you must to buy. Also they have to make a
budget of the money that they have to buy it. Because is very important
to you to know How much money you can to spend?, the laptops have
different prices, and these depend on the amount of accessories and
components that the laptops have.

3. Second step: I suggest you to search information about the components of laptop.

After they make the list and budget, the person or the companies who
want to buy the laptop need to search information about the laptop
components to see which ones answer all their needs. In this step you
must find lot possibilities about the high tech in the laptop industry, like
laptop processor, RAM, Operative System, media utilities, etc, and the
accessories like optical external mouse, external keyboard, and USB drives.

4. Third step: I suggest you to make quotes before you buy your laptop.

The person should do various quotes of different marks of laptops, and
ask for the same laptop in different tech shops, and choose that ones
who he can buy with his budget made later and choose the best store,
also is important to take a good guarantee over the laptop.

5. Conclusion: Explain for the readers when to buy a laptop and remember to they to buy a guarantee.

Finally, if you find a good supply of laptop and you like this possibilities
and components, you can buy your laptop, remember that the most
important components are the Processor, RAM memories, and Hard Drive
storage capacity. Don’t forget to buy a good guarantee, that guarantee
service will help u with any troubleshooting about hardware or software.

Web Links

This section shows the investigative effort of the student and his/her contribution to amplifying the radio of knowledge not only his/her own but also that of their classmates. He/she is expected to find pages, skim them through and make a summary of each one. The questions below should help the student in reflecting over what was found.

  1. What relation is there between the link and the theme of the unit?
  2. What do you find important to learn about the content of the page selected?
  3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?

Unit 6

Link address


In this page you find a report about actual weather service. I like it because you can see the map of north America and what happen in this moment. It have a climate prediction this is very right and professional.

Unit 7

Link address


I suggest this page because in it the author explain to the reader Why read books? and it have a praise quotes. In this page you can talk with Barbara and asking your questions about her books. It's a good way for you interact with the writers.

Unit 8

Link address


In this page you can find lot possibilities article in the world. In it, you over 140.000 articles to different topics. I like an article in special, “New Technology” because the author describes step by step.

Unit 9

Link address


In this page you can check debates and diferents discusions about any topics. You can write in the debates and you read what did think the people around the world about one topic it is very interesting and practive.

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