Gaviria Luis

Composition 1

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I was a person who didn`t like to read, I prefered the numbers or draw or anything that I dind`t have to read. But two years ago I have read in a little time all that I`ve never read. Now I think that the reading is necessary to do anything we can do, for example, to write this parragraph I had read a few articles and obviusly I had read the english dictionary, because I think that the reading is the way to take knowledge by yourself. I believe that is the only way to know by yourself without the necessity to find someone to explain you about a subject. Also when you read you can imagine all that you are reading in that moment and you can create your own world. Nevertheless, I think that reading can complete yourself, is a complement. To write something you have to read before. its so difficult write something when you haven´t read yet.
So when you read you could take knowledge and you can creat your own world by the imagination.

Composition 2

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Sometimes when rain does not stop, Barranquilla city is covered with water, but not like the others cities in the world. In Barranquilla when it rains, the rain produces streams. These streams cover all of the streets and damage everything that’s in front of them. Occasionally they can cause floods in the city and unluckily the citizens don’t have any system to help them be prepared for this natural disasters. Therefore, sometimes there are many deaths. But one of the factors that produce it to happen is the poor drainage structure. The Barranquilla government has been wanting to find solutions to this problem, but all the solutions are too expensive, and the government has never had enough budgets.

Nevertheless, if every citizen is prepared before this kind of disaster happens , they could act in the correct way, even if the Barranquilla government has not solved the drainage structure problem. So, First of all to be prepared for this kind of emergency some things must be in every home to help in times of emergency. The essential things that every citizen should have is a first aid kit, also a flashlight, batteries,matches, radio, a sleeping bags, non-perishable food, enough water that can be drank by everyone, ropes and important medications in case someone needs them. All this kind of things are important, for example in any case that somebody gets hurt, is necessary to use the first aid kit. Other example is some people can be in a circumstance where a rope is needed, because they could be inside of a stream. These streams are strong and they can drag persons throughout the stream.

However, there are others tips that are indispensable. This tips can be explained with a series of easy steps, which all the Barranquilla citizens can understand. The first one is to put all the things considered to be essential in a safe place, obviously gather everyone together. Second, all the citizens should look for shelters, where they can refuge in the event of having to evacuate the place. The next step is to go to the government office and ask if the place where you are living or that you frequently visit is safe. Also, it is prudent to make a list with the emergency numbers and some numebers of friends. Finally, be sure that the electrical panel doesn’t have any risk.

In spite the citizens that can follow or not the steps explained before, is advisable to know how they should act during a flood. So, some tips have been exposed, that can help during a flood. Every citizen should move up to the roof, because the water can rise several meters. Also it’s advaisable to be hearing constantly the radio or local TV, to be informed of the local weather. Don’t drive your car if the streams look strong, because they can drag cars with them. Other tip is to try keeping away from the electric panel since the contact with electricity is considered dangerous. Also, it is advisable to wait that the stream level is down.

Finally, is advisable to follow each step explained before, and try to find all the things that are considered important. Because is imposible to know when a flood is going to happen. Also try to take into account each tip explained before during a flood, and be careful of the streams. Everything is in the citizens hands to prepare for a flood.

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  3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?

Unit 6

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This link is about the indirect speech and explain when the tense have to change and in which tense have to change. Also gives a simple explanation about the way to make indirect questions.

Unit 7

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This link give with a simple explanation all about embedded question. it explains the meaing of embedded question, also the ways to use.

Unit 8

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Is the same web page of hte unit 6, but in this case gives all the information about the conditional. All the structure and when it has to use.

Unit 9

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This web city give a simple information about nocount noun, becouse in this unit sometimes is advisible to know first what is nocount nouns. So this link can explain to someone all about it.

Unit 10

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