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The Reading

This world need it and all ours too, I live with the books it tell us all about the different cultures, ideas, knowledge. We can get the best of it and learn more and more for your life. It is a great method for diverts me, if I want do it and I had time.
I try to give me a space when I am reading because I like to concentrate, when I learn to do something, I don’t feel that spend my time. In this moment I have prefer concentrated in articles. I want learn how I can to build it for my career. other reason for be a lover of reading is I enjoy and like many type of books but I prefer the novel where the story take place in Colombia, Garcia Marquez is a excellent author when you imagined places, moments you can understand a idea easier. I suggest that when a person buy a book, to know who is the writer and her or his intention.

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Choosing a good notebook

1.Intro. I want to say that defining the process and step to consider.

2. P2: Step. In this paragraph say that the first point is know needs and how much can I pay?

3. P3: step.You have to Know the relation between processor and size

4. P4: step. To understand the working and kinds of processor. can be a key for finding a good notebook.

5. P5: step. To consider that there are others options less important than the last options.

Choosing a good notebook

The first question that we have to do is “what do I want to my notebook?”, because this search can be easier for the user; we should take into account four main points for choosing it, this set of items make possible finding a good and suitable notebook. to exist others importants points for to know but it depends only about you find. generally each laptop has its own technology as is apple and microsoft they have differents processor.

When you have clear all your needs and the price it can reduce your expectations,
This reason gives us different ideas about take into account. The notebook has same characteristics how it has been designed to be moved around easily.

For the last reason the third step to follow is the size. It decides an optimal working of the notebook and it is between two aspects: as the author refers ‘’as fast as their slightly bigger counterparts” and all criterion design. You must decide what is most important for your needs, you need to have a critical aspect that can find a good laptop, weight is a important item that you must to consider.

When are talking about the optimal working in relation with the size there is a important work called processor, for that it is the next step and the most important element with in the notebook because gives us quality and high teach. In the marketing there are two names for notebook computer processors AMD and INTEL.

Can be found others reason for choosing a good notebook or laptop who is called for many persons but it depends of you and if you want a specifies notebook but it can be less important than last points or steps ; the battery, USB ports, wireless networking capabilities among others. Finally can be comfortable or terrible choose a good notebook but the most important is feel a safer when you choose it.

Web Links

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  3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?

Unit 6

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In this link we can see different natural disasters with a truthful source of an informative manner and investigative.

Unit 7

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I choose it because have many functions for kids and look very entertainment if you find a new and creative link you will see it. It’s only about the readings there are books you keep by your bed and to learn other language.

Unit 8

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This topic requires that when you want know something is possible find a lot actually information. Each day emerge new things, inventions between others for this reason is necessary that you take new information the day around.

Unit 9

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The politics is one the most important thing that can give us analysis of all the world and global politics. For this reason I consider this link as a form to take news about it.

Unit 10

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