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Reading isn’t my passion but when I have interesting in some item I like search and reading about this.
I think that reading is important for learn new things for my life in special for my career. I think that when I like reading about someone item, this is more simple to understand.

We have many possibilities for read, for example we can read the magazines, newspaper, the internet page and many books that it has diferents topics how romantics, thriller, for life, inventions, etc.

I think that the most important is the topic interesting to you and have more possibilities of wants to read when you like it.

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How do the future parents do to the children liked reading?

by: Ana Linda Monroy A

In the actuality more children don’t like read and this is very problem because affect the child capacities, the children don’t can compression readings and presented difficult when they'll like express ideas. For this reason is important that the reading habits beginning from baby.

The method most recommended is the influence reading for age or stages of children, where presented more activities specifies for each age. As they grow up, the activities of reading go to changing and the child's ability to move. To continue mention what do you do in each stages.

When the baby is in the belly, is recommended the mother or father read to the belly and listen to classic music, this help to wake up the baby sensitivity. After, when the baby is between 1 month to 2 years the parents should read child storybooks to their son in many moments of day. When children have between 3 to 5 years is important that children begin read in company with parents, in this moment they should repeat some words. After of this atages the children can decide what are your preferences to read.
In the next years the parents with the help teachers should company all time the Reading habits, For example in this time children should write short stories, about diary situations or fantastic stories. When children finish writing the parents or teacher can check in these stories for know which are theirs tastes and talk with children about the text for change opinions.

If you use this method your sons can learn many sides, and the communication with other person, his conversations will be productive because the children have a long vocabulary. Other solution is that Children can write storybooks where they explorer their imagination.

The parents are the most important company for children in all learns process and it is important to know his tastes to support them in its education. The results depend on the work that develops the father with his children; this method would be helped that not there problems of learning with the future generations.

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If you are interesting for what happen in a disasters and what do you do? In this page can you see this information. You can see the most complete information about who prepare to emergency and disasters.

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In this page you can see a list of the 100 best books in the world and you have the option to select what read in this vacations.

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In this page you can be updated on the new inventions that leave to the market.

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in the first page you can see the most important information about the abortion issue that I think that all persons know and it can say if you are agree or disagree with this controversial issue.

in the second page has information about what you have to points known when you talk about by some controversial issue.

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