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Composition 1

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I think that the reading is a form or way to get information about all thing that happen in the world and in the little word of every person that write. The reading give you many option to learning new words, new vocabulary, information about the writer, important events in the human history and the most important for my is that read open our mind to new horizons or different worlds in which our imagination can fly. Reading helps you to have subjects of conversation with different kind of people. If we read books, news papers, magazines, dictionaries, we have information and arguments to take decisions in different areas like business, travel, food, places to live, etc.

I don´t want to chage anything, because this is that a was capable to do when the course started.

Composition 2

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Sale are one of the more important activity in every company, because by to sales the company get money to pay for the operating expenses like a rent, wages, publics services, taxes, etc. Also thank to sales the company can buy mores merchandise to keep sales and get more money.
In the introduction I am going to write a about the importance of the sales for every company

to sell is not easy, because not all people have this ability. For this reason sellers may know basic steps that help and improvement the sale process. As Small Business Notes say a good sale process should have six main steps, and are: prospecting, initial contact, sales presentation, handling objections, closing the sale and follows up and service after the sale.

To prepare a successful visit, the sales man may make a check list with topics about the costumer, for example when was the last visit, what kind of products he buy, promotions, type of payment. Is very important remember where is the costumer address, telephone number, time available, because costumers hate spend time. Don’t forget call the costumer before to make a appointment. In conclusion before the visit, the sales man may be prepare

When the sales man arrives to the costumer, he may say hello and make a little presentation. The next step is ask about some thing like the costumer family and business, because is important that the costumer feels friendly, after sales man offer promotions and suggests quantities and prices, then handle objection because costumers always want buy less, but the sales man objectives are sell very much.

At final of the appointment, is important close a deal, the customer may accepted the order with quantities and prices, then the hard part is coming, because almost always costumer have old order for pay and is import to know how ask for money, then the payment, the costumer leave the place and keeps his way.

Juan David Munera


Web Links

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  1. What relation is there between the link and the theme of the unit?
  2. What do you find important to learn about the content of the page selected?
  3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?

Unit 6

Link address

In this web site you find information about natural disasters. Is a good source because NASA is who write tha articles and can help you when you need imformation about natural disasters.

Unit 7

Link address

This web site is property of google, one of most important search engine. Here you can find all kinds of books.

Unit 8

Link address

This page is a magazine, and conteins a lot of many articles about scient and technology.It Will helps you when you study the Unit 8.

Unit 9

Link address

This is a complete website, where you should find information about controversial issues, like political, crimes, drug, etc.

Unit 10

Link address

In this website you may find imformation about travel, special food, other cultures, extreme games and other thing that the adventurers enjoy to do

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