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Reading: A gate to an eternal world

Read is an activity enjoed for me. I think to read is a gate to an eternal world because printed words never will be a leave by the wind. Internet can advance, cellphones can advance, Mp3 players can advance but books always will sep the secret to introduce yourself to a new experience. Thats it!

Recently, i start to read an universal literature book named “The One Thousand and a Night”. It narrate the history of a woman who keep the Bizir’s atention saying him many histories about the closer provinces arround its kingdom. Bizir has said he killed one woman per night and this girl could survive not a night but hundreds nights. I hope finish it soon.

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Universidad Del Norte Basic Evacuation Plan, A Proposal

Imagine you're inside the Universidad del Norte and an emergency happens, do you know what to do? Do you know how you should act? Where do you have to go? Are there safe areas within our campus or not? In the next few lines I will try to answer all these questions and to present a Universidad del Norte Basic Evacuation Plan.

Institutions like the Red Cross and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) defined emergency plans as “actions required for the timely and efficient handling of emergencies by institutions and national agencies responsible and involved, thereby ensuring comprehensive and efficient handling of the situation in the local or regional involvement”. Emergencies, as its name indicates, appear at time less indicated, so to be prepared for an emergency is an obligation if you want to have high chances to survive.

A pertinent case to take as example, is based on Boston University experience. This university had developed an evacuation plan by many years in order to offer their students, members and visitors a procedure about what do they have to do in emergency situation. Their Emergency Plans contains emergency phone numbers, describe how the fire alarm system word, exit ways and all procedures to follow when an evacuation order is given. A similiar case happen at Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis –IUPUI – Emergency Evacuation Action Plan. This university, located near White River at Indianapolis, explain in a document all procedures about what do university to do in emergency cases. “The Emergency Evacuation Action Plan has been developed to assist IUPUI students, faculties, employees and visitors for responding to any emergency incident which requires the evacuation of campus buildings or finding shelter inside the building”.

Based on last information, Universidad del Norte would implement a basic plan as follows:
a. First of all it always is one of most important advice, don´t be affraid. If you keep your nervous down, surely you will take better decision than.
b. On walls, look for signs that show you better way to go safe place. Identify it and go away.
c. On safe place, get together other people.
d. Keep your ID and cellphone at hands.
e. Wait for instructions. Deppendig the situation, a member of internal rescue group will tell you what will you do.

As you watch, be prepared for an emergency is a need as important as go to the doctor. A lot of disasters survivors had told us through mass media ;they survived because they followed a basic guide or emergency plan. Remember, If you are prepared, you will have more options to survive.

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Unit 6

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Site of Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA –. Here you can look for a lot of information about disasters and emergency plans.

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Red Cross make you some advice in order to be prepare when an emergency occur. They offer you too an options to integrate Red Cross as volunteer.

Unit 7

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This site presents many recommendations about how to choose a good book. It ends presenting you a help guide.

Unit 8

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Find many information about famous invention's history organizated by name. It's a very easy guide.

Unit 9

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Learn about controversial issues allow to students develop a critical sense. This site of Flinders University from Australia give you some tool in order to be prepared to discuss.

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