Rojas Carlos

Composition 1

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Reading and me

Is a little space that I have to connect my soul to another worlds, persons, lifes, different things that can help me to open my mind, my body.
Is like watch a movie but I think is better, because your imagination flows like the sounds of a real musical piece.
Is a time of loneliness, a time of reflection.
Is a time of taking care of mi mind.
Is a time of criticize ourselves and the others.
With the reading I can to suspect about everything .
Reading for me is like when im feeling in love, is a game…
I feel amazing, like when im playing the guitar or the piano …
Is like watch the sunset.
Is like traveling without moving.
The reading for me, is the way to escape from this world.
Is not better than sex, but I can sleep all night long when a read

Composition 2

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1 buy a guitar
2 learning chords
3 learning songs
4 reading tablatures
5 and practice

Learning to play guitar

Learn to play guitar is an art and could be complicated because it need a personal ability. In the beginning, your hands will get cramps and your fingers will be sore, but your hands will soon get stronger and your fingers will develop calluses. It just takes time.

To learn to play guitar the obvious first step is to buy a guitar. You can buy your guitar in internet you can find a lot possibilities of types guitars and diferents prices. Also You can must find a cheap guitar with decent sound quality. But the sound help you to imrove. If you are already relatively serious about learning to play guitar however, it is probably a good idea to buy a well made guitar.

So once you learn how to play a few basic chords you will be able to bang out a decent rendition of hundreds of songs. There are several ways to do this. You can buy a book that shows you where to place your fingers on the strings to play certain chords. Or, you can ask a friend to show you how to play the basic chords.

Many people these days, I included, learned to play guitar by looking at tablature of songs on the Internet. Tablature is very helpful because it shows you where to put your fingers to play the chords to a song, when to make chord changes, and where the words fall with the music. You can find tablature for tens of thousands of songs on the Internet to help you learn to play guitar. It is a great way for people who can't read music to teach themselves to play.

Learn to play barre chords. For me, this was the next step when I started to learn to play guitar. Barre chords are basically chord "shapes" that can be moved up and down the neck of the guitar. The best way to learn barre chords is by either using a book and practicing the shapes on your guitar and moving them up and down the neck.
The Practice is very important, every second of practice time you put into playing the guitar will make you a better player.

Web Links

This section shows the investigative effort of the student and his/her contribution to amplifying the radio of knowledge not only his/her own but also that of their classmates. He/she is expected to find pages, skim them through and make a summary of each one. The questions below should help the student in reflecting over what was found.

  1. What relation is there between the link and the theme of the unit?
  2. What do you find important to learn about the content of the page selected?
  3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?

Unit 6

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Unit 7

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Unit 8

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Unit 9

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Unit 10

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