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The reading
Reading for me is an important way to know how the world and we are. The reading brings you to places that you never imagine, but it also bring you to enjoy life on a different ways, for example the love stories makes you fall in love and the action or fiction stories makes you imagine another unreal world. That is why I like reading because it makes you forget for a moment your real life.

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How to buy a good laptop

For choosing a good laptop first you have to know your own needs like what will you need it for or what you want to do with the laptop. For example, the people that like music or movies needs a good media production software and also a good DVD too view movies or listening to music but people who need it for work, needs more space for save the information, so a laptop with more Gigabytes could be the best chose.

Then you have to inform your self about technology because you have to learn about what’s state of the art with laptops when you really want to buy one. If you don’t know about it your laptop couldn´t work right or could have old software that maybe is not compatible with somebody’s laptop.

Choosing quality is very important for buying a laptop because when you are investing a lot of money you want that this inversion will be not a problem in the future. Also you need that the laptop works for a long time so you have to buy the best mark or one of the best because actually you can find a lot of but just a few are good.

For me one of the most important things to select a good laptop is the price, it could be between the $600 us to $4.000 us it depends for a lot of stuff like the space for save information the hard drive ,the size, the battery, wide screen, USB ports and the design.

Finally I advice to search and read some articles or tips about choosing a good laptop, because sometimes the people doesn’t know about it and than it could be a mistake selecting the worse.
By: Carolina Sanchez Martinez

Web Links

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Unit 6

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here you can see the place of the disaster on a map , the type and all the information about each one with the actually news.

Unit 7

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here you can search about how to choose a good book no matter the topic and also the chacarcteristic of of each one.

Unit 8

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here you can find news inventions about techonology,health, architecture, fashion and design.

Unit 9

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here you can find topics for make a controversial issues and it also brings you some pages that agree or disagree the topic you choose.

Unit 10

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