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Composition 1

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Read is interpret and analyze the contents of a topic.When somebody can understand and define a text is reading.Reading is to understand, to decode and to identify and to analyze the principal ideas of the text.In the reading to interact with a text, it consists in interrogating actively a text to construct his meaning based on the previous experiences and intentions of the reader.
Each person read different because the knowledges and the thoughts are very different and each person read differents things depending of his tastes.Also if every person is different, possesses diverse ideas, at the time interprets and reads differently to the others, this takes us to a definition of reading that different in every individual.
I like to read very much, because is interesting and funny,you must know that with the reading we can find out and cultivate the personality.

Composition 2

This writing composition is the core of your writing portfolio. You must show improvement as you go through the process of editing it while adding, changing or deleting things in it.

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1.A natural disaster could happen at any time. For this reason you must be prepared.
2.What is emergency management?
3.Phases for be prepared in case of an emergency
4.Things you should have

In this world that we are living has a problem, the global warming. It affects all the continents, and this reason is why we have to be preparated for these situations because a natural disaster could happen at any time when it is not awaited.

When we talk about an emergency management we enter into a process. This process is to be prepared for a disaster of any type bearing in mind that the actions taken depends in part on perceptions of risk of those exposed. Also how response and what to do later that this one happens. When a disaster happens we must be in calm, helping who needs it and to offer social and psychological support, because in general it is difficult to face this type of situations. The emergency management depends on local economic and social conditions. Economic because the disaster include long-term work on infrastructure of routes, telephonic or electrical lines and reconstruction of houses. Social because generates worries, sadnesses, stress and desperation in the persons, since they can have died, injured men and / or missing persons.

The administration or managing disaster is based on a cycle included by three phases:
1.Before (Prevention), which includes the measures and actions to avoid or to reduce a disaster as to have a first aid kit, a flashlight,batteries,emergency numbers,etc.
2.During (Emergency) constituted by a group of activities and measures used during and immediately after happened the disaster to minimize his effects as to be calm, to moisturize the body with enough water and know to go to a shelter.
3.And Later (Reconstruction)the steps to follow after a disaster as rebuildingof houses.
According to the article in wikipedia emergency management says that the process of emergency management involves four phases: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
1-Migitation is the first step that you must give to be prepared and prevent hazards that present a disaster that it is explained in the next paragraph(Things you should have).
2-In the preparedness phase, emergency managers develop plans of action for when the disaster strikes as:
You should know the shelters and know how you can arrive in case of an evacuation.
You should have a plane because in the moment of the emergency you need act immediately and quickly.
3- The response phase includes the mobilization of the necessary emergency services as firefighters, police and ambulance crews. And you must have near the emergency numbers, for example : you can have the numbers in your cellphone.
4-The recovery phase is to restore the affected area. Recovery efforts are primarily concerned with actions that involve rebuilding destroyed property and it is very difficult and takes time.

The most important is be prepared for the use of all the things tha you have got:
You need to think first about fresh water, food and clean air. Put together two kits. In one, put everything needed to stay where you are and make it on your own. The other should be a portable version you can take with you if you have to get away.
Also in any emergency, a family member can cut, burn or suffer other injuries. If you have the basic supplies you are better prepared to help your loved ones when they are hurt.
So you must have basic things for a disaster as:Cell phone,Battery-powered radio,Flashlight,Extra batteries,Whistle to signal for help,shelter-in-place,Infant formula and diapers,Garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation,Cash or traveler's checks, change,Paper towels,Fire extinguisher,Matches in a waterproof container,Signal flare,Paper, pencil,etc.

When a difficult situation presents as it is a disaster, the despair and anguish appears in us, for this reason we must be prepared and have on hand the kits needed,to know exactly the safe places, must be calm, to act according to the plan and try to help to the other people.
After of disaster, you should analyze the situation and see that you can recover, fix the damage, rebuild and start again.

By:Fabiola Visbal S.

Web Links

This section shows the investigative effort of the student and his/her contribution to amplifying the radio of knowledge not only his/her own but also that of their classmates. He/she is expected to find pages, skim them through and make a summary of each one. The questions below should help the student in reflecting over what was found.

  1. What relation is there between the link and the theme of the unit?
  2. What do you find important to learn about the content of the page selected?
  3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?

Unit 6

Link address

In this link we can find general information about how to be prepared in case that a flood takes place in our community. You will see instructions about what to do before, during, and after a flood. In this web page we can find too links related to others natural disaster as tornados. There is information about Home escape plan.

1. What relation is there between the link and the theme of the unit?
In the unit 6 we have learnt about many natural disasters. Is important that we can use this information in the case that a natural disaster hits our lives. In the unit 6 we learnt about specific natural disaster that have happened in the world in the link we can find ways to reduce damages in our communities or avoided in the case of a natural disaster. In that order of ideas every disaster left learning in the people and in the authorities, for that we should follow all the advices that help us to decrease losses.

2. What do you find important to learn about the content of the page selected?
I choose this link not only for the fact that we must to be prepared of this terrible events but also because our country many times have confronted situations like this. Actually, in this moment Plato Magdalena is face up a critical situation cause by a flood.

3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?
In the page is missing information related in to how the people in other places can help to those that have lost all their proprieties. Where do they can call? What kind of stuff do they can donate and what they don’t.

Unit 7

Link address

In this link you can find an internet library where you can read about interesting and entertaining things.

1. What relation is there between the link and the theme of the unit?
In the unit 7 we have learned about the different books and magazines and about the importance of reading, then in this link we can practice our reading comprehension because it is a form to learn English.

2. What do you find important to learn about the content of the page selected?
You can find about what do you want and read according with your tastes.
You will learn new words and improve your habits of reading.

3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?
You must have autonomy and dedication to enter to the page to read.
The website don’t have some topics.

Unit 8

Link address,28757,1677329,00.html

Summary: Every year TIME magazine make a competition where the people can choose the best inventions of the year. In this web page, there is a lot of issue about technology in differences areas like cars, space, computers etc. This year the winner was the I phone because this device was able to join in just a like box that you can carry in you pocket all the high tech communications advances.

1. What relation is there between the link and the theme of the unit?
In this unit we learnt about term related to technology how classified difference devices concerned of their characteristic. We can learnt too about important invent in human history, so I see very important that we would be in touch with the top technology in this days.

2. What do you find important to learn about the content of the page selected
I find important the fact that we need to be near of the entire subject related of technology. We are constantly seen high technology and we should to be prepared when we going to buy something.

3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?
I can say that this page should have some competition-related technology to save the planet. Technology that was invented to help protect the planet from the destruction that's presenting

Unit 9

Link address

Summary: This page has content related to contentious and controversial issues about conspiracies and political groups in the world. We will also find information about conflicts, the coins, relations between countries and controversial decisions of governance of powerful countries.

1. What relation is there between the link and the theme of the unit?
In this unit could learn about how to behave when we are confronting controversial issues. We could classify us according to our thinking and our affinities.

2. What do you find important to learn about the content of the page selected?
Is important that we would know about the political and economic current topics and in order to be prepared to take a position in any event or conversation that we ought to handle.

3. What criticism may be found in the content of the page?
Despite the fact that the subjects are very interesting I think that the page is too subjective. I recommend a little more objectivity and fewer tendencies biased in its commentaries.

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