Unit 06: Disasters & Emergencies




  1. Task 1: Weather reports. Students identify the weather event
  2. Task 2: Emergency radio broadcast
  3. Task 3: News report on natural disaster. Identify the type of disaster.


  1. Task 1: Historic news headlines.
  2. Task 2: Earthquakes: magazine article.


  1. Task 1: Convey a message
  2. Task 2: Report on what was heard on the news.
  3. Task 3: Present plans for an emergency.
  4. Task 4: Present "news report" about historic disasters.


  1. Task 1: Write about a historic disaster.
  2. Task 2: Provide instructions on preparing for a disaster.
  3. Task 3: Explain the fctors that contribute to the severity of an earthquake.



  1. Learning item 1: Indirect speech, imperatives
  2. Learning item 2: Indirect speech, say+tell.


  1. Set 1: news sources
  2. Set 2: Severe weather events and other disasters
  3. Set 3: Emergency preparations and supplies
  4. Set 4: Terminology for discussing disasters


Learning item: Direct and indirect speech: rhythm

Project/task (P/T)

  1. P/T 1. Speaking. TV broadcast where news on disasters is presented.
  2. P/T 2. Speaking. Conversation: topic on news students read about
  3. P/T 3. Speaking. Presentation. Investigative report on a natural disaster.
  4. P/T 4. Writing. Magazine article on a disaster (ie, floods in Colombia)
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